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4 Reasons To Think About Switching To A Ductless Heating System


When it’s time for a new heating system for your home, you have a lot of decisions to make. Your HVAC contractor is a valuable source of help when choosing the right equipment for your home, but you’ll still need to make a few basic decisions, such as the type of heating system you want.

You might want a traditional forced-air furnace, or you may want to switch to a ductless heat pump. Here are four reasons to consider switching to a ductless heat pump when replacing your old furnace.


If you want to finish your attic but there are ducts in the way, you can get rid of the ducts because a ductless heat pump doesn’t need them. Both air conditioning and heat are delivered through blowers placed on the walls in your home, so ducts are eliminated. This could free up space in your attic if you need it.

Eliminating ducts might also help with the air quality in your home since dust, pet hair, and other respiratory irritants won’t accumulate in ducts only to be blown through the home when your HVAC systems are running. Heating your home with blowers on the wall is also more efficient than traditional duct systems. This is because heated air won’t be lost through holes in ducts or have time to cool down as the air travels to the register vents.

Improved efficiency might help lower your power bills, especially if your ducts are leaky now. Plus, when you eliminate ducts, you cut out part of the cost of getting a new heating system. Over the years, you’ll also eliminate the cost of duct cleaning and repairs.


A ductless system allows you more control over how you heat your home. If you have an empty nest, you may not want to waste money heating bedrooms that aren’t in use. Your contractor helps you choose the best placement for the blowers that distribute heat, so you get climate control where you need it most.

A ductless system is also able to heat your entire house, but since each blower is controlled individually, you can turn off the heat or lower the temperature in other parts of your home that are not in use. This will help lower your power bills.


The same equipment that heats your home in the winter can be used to cool your home in the summer. This eliminates the need for a big indoor air handler and furnace. A heat pump with cooling mechanisms has a reversing valve so you can switch from cool air to hot air as needed.

If you need all new HVAC equipment, it’s worth considering a mini-split heat pump since you can eliminate ducts and the need for a separate air conditioner. You control the temperature in your room with a remote that operates the blower, so you can set each zone individually for optimal comfort during all seasons of the year.


The blowers for ductless systems are often mounted on the wall close to the ceiling. If you don’t like the way a blower looks on the wall, talk to the installer about other options. Blowers can sometimes be mounted near the floor where they are out of sight, or they can be mounted on the ceiling. This helps you enjoy the benefits of a ductless heating system without worrying about blowers affecting the aesthetics of your rooms.

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